Monday, December 24, 2018

Powers Brothers | The largest man hunt in Arizona history

A short history of The Powers family ranch and Rattlesnake Canyon

The gold claims in Rattlesnake Canyon were first staked by a man known as Black Jack Gardner.  Black Jack discovered the gold by accident rather than scientific discovery. While prospecting in the Galiuro Mountains he killed a steer and camped out at the top of Rattlesnake Canyon. Two days later he noticed some cowboys coming his way. He grabbed as much meat as he could and took off into the canyon.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Sierra Ancha Mountains Loop - Cherry Creek Trip Report

A long-awaited trip to the Sierra Ancha Mountains

Dear Arizona hikers, hunters, 4 wheelers, overlanders and all others alike.

I was thrilled by the positive response from our members about our most recent trip through the Sierra Ancha mountains. The trip had been on my bucket list for months until a last-minute decision and time to spare sent us down forest road 203 back to Globe. It wasn't part of the plan but my friend Ryan and I were more than thrilled, we didn't want to go home!