7 days on an epic journey across Arizona

Arizona brings us all together

On March 17th, 2019 several men and woman from all over the country will come together for one epic journey. We will navigate threw Arizona from one end to the other. The idea, to utilize Arizona's backcountry 4X4 trails. From Benson Arizona to Monument Valley, we will transverse mountain ranges, deep sand, and steep hill climbs. We will face many challenges along the way including deep water crossings, mud, snow and the elements of mother nature alone.

A sneak peek at our route

Our journey will take us to several points of interest including the wonderful Saguaro National Park, American Flag Ranch, Crown King, Sedona, and Horseshoe Bend just to name a few. Our route will connect 5 of Arizona national forests, 12 of Arizona's major lakes, and 7 of Arizona's most popular 4X4 trails.

Months have been put into planning, preparing and researching this route. To make it happen, we have relied on others who share the same passion. The result is a fantastic adventure trail from Mexico to Utah.

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Special thanks to Kyle Hines and his crew for putting this together and allowing the Arizona Backcountry explorers to join.

Let the journey begin!

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