Private property | Respected access is granted access

Landowners play an essential role in keeping trails open.

Lately, we've been hearing stories about private property owners and troubles with trespassers. Unfortunately, no trespassing signs only funnel visitors to less desirable individuals. We ought to be proud we such open access to public lands. Because we love to visit historical places. It's important to know some are on private property, and visitors are not invited.

Day two and three | A Cross Road and 4 Peaks trail

Beautiful snow-capped mountains, a treacherous river, and a flourishing desert.

Day 2 started with a quick breakfast and some pavement. We originally planned on traveling threw Pioneer Pass in the Pinal Mountains. Three feet of ice forced a detour down highway 77 towards Globe. There we connected with highway 288. After rounding Roosevelt lake, the dirt was within view.

Sierra Ancha Mountains Loop 4x4 trail | A two-day adventure to Young Arizona

A 4x4 adventure trail through the Sierra Ancha Mountains in Arizona

Sierra Ancha Mountains Loop is a highly demanding 4x4 adventure trail that will take you to Young Arizona. There are a few attractions but the trail is mostly scenic. The trail can be driven in any direction. Visit during the fall season for the variety of color.

Boulder Pass Trail | A two day adventure to Crown King Arizona

A new 4X4 adventure trail to Crown King, Arizona

Boulder Pass Trail is a highly demanding 4WD adventure trail that will take 2 days to complete. Along the way, there are several points of interest including Castle Creek Canyon, Bradshaw's Grave, Copperopolis, Lehman Mill and the well known Crown King.

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