MUST SEE STUDY | The economic impact of the offroad community in Arizona

The first study of its kind shows the economic impact of the offroad community in Arizona

A study recently completed by the Arizona Parks and Trails and Arizona State University depicts a shocking result that blew me away. It's a great example of how much we love our backcountry trails.

Over 1.8 billion dollars spent in the Arizona offroad community

The study shows a shocking result of just over 1.8 billion dollars spent in 2017 and 370 million dollars in state and federal tax revenue generated. An estimated 10% is from non-resident visitors. The study also reports an estimated 1.6 million offroad enthusiasts in Arizona. 43% UTV, 18% Jeep or SUV, 15% ATV, and 14% dirtbike. This study also shows the creation of 22,000 jobs and over 1.6 billion in vehicle expenses.

It's quite clear the offroad community in Arizona is dedicated and quite large. Of course, this is just an estimate based on a certain amount of participants. The actual number should be much higher.

Click HERE to download the document from Arizona State University.

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