The crested saguaro cactus | Arizona's majestic beauty

The crested saguaro cactus is an attractive destination

Among the thousands of saguaro cactuses in Arizona, there are a few who stand out from the rest. Most humans give them no attention as we pass by daily. Maybe the saguaro blends in with the rest. Or perhaps they are just disregarded as a freak of nature.

Designated wilderness and RS 2477 roads | Its a sticky situation

Many designated wilderness areas could be considered null and void under the law

When we think of a Wilderness Area, we typically think of a roadless area set aside and protected from Mining and motorized activity to create a haven for wildlife. The reality is, many designated Wilderness areas contain old roads and trails and do not meet the requirements for wilderness designation.

The ultimate guide to camping in Arizona

You don't need to go far to go camping in Arizona

While many states are stuck with private land, 86% of Arizona's landmass is open for recreation. We have wide-open spaces that are shared among the settlers of the west. Western life is naturally engrained in our soal. While reliving history on the land our forefathers procured, there is nothing better than a hot pork loin over a mesquite campfire.

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