Open letter to a rancher | Accessing landlocked land

An old fashion letter to gain access

In the offroad and overland world, private property can certainly wreak havoc on motorized access. Some folks choose to ignore signs and blast through private land despite what the landowner accepts. We choose a different route.

Forest Service recreation sites | New changes proposed

The Forest Service seeks public input on changes that will affect recreation sites. 

We were promised more transparency when it comes to how our public lands are managed, and we got it. This might be our first chance to shape how the Forest Service handbook is written. 

Motorized access | Why it's important

There appears to be a massive quarrel about motorized access and why it's essential.

Motorized access has been redefined and used to somehow describe a way to protect the environment by keeping vehicles on designated roads. Motorized access is not meant to protect wildlife, the environment, or nature in any way. In fact, it's a right that is granted by law. 

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