Open for comment | Hunting, fishing, and shooting

The Forest Service is seeking public comments on new changes to the employee handbook.

The Forest Service employee handbook illustrates the guidelines that Forest Service employees must follow while managing our public lands.

MUST SEE | A Stunning Confession From The Sierra Club

You wouldn't believe what the Sierra Club has just admitted to

Following the riots nationwide, several environmental groups are now apologizing for the racist roots in American Environmentalism. 

Dirt Anonymous episode 2 | The Great American Outdoors Act


The Great American Outdoors Act

Jam-packed full of information! In this episode, we talk with the policy director from the Blue Ribbon Coalition, Benjamin Burr, about the Great American Outdoors Act and what it means for our public lands. Also, we talk about the Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act and how it will establish a multimillion-dollar budget for The Nature Conservancy, who developed the idea and what the end goal is.

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