The ultimate source of offroad and 4x4 trails in Arizona

If you haven't seen the Arizona Backcountry Explorers Adventure Map, then you're missing out!

This map will blow your mind and provide you with endless 4x4 adventure destinations. You can view it and download it right from our website. 

Push notifications are here | an easy way to subscribe

We have been doing everything we can to deliver  

If you haven't noticed, our website has improved tenfold. We are giving our readers more options to subscribe, and now we can send notifications directly to your device. 

Circling the four corners | Arizona Utah Colorado and New Mexico

The long-awaited adventure around the four corners 

The everlasting desire to see something new and experience life from a different perspective will drive us towards more and more adventure. Our time in the backcountry, no matter where we are gives us a chance to escape the pressure of daily life. Despite the negativity in the world today, we find ourselves escaping to our own dimension—a world where only nature judges and deep canyons keep you imprisoned. The journey isn't only an adventure. It's a time of kinship and camaraderie with a small group of friends.

Blocked, censored, and silenced | Facebook is done

I think its safe to say that Facebook has had enough of our shit.

Coming up on the end of a 30-day ban for challenging the narrative on the California wildfires, Arizona Backcountry Explorers is considering other options. 

AZBCE INDUSTRIALIST PROFILE | American Mining Rights Association

AMRA Business Profile

American Mining Rights Association

Fighting for your right to mine.

Public commenting open | Proposed rules for E-bikes

The Forest Service is seeking public input on more changes to the employee handbook.

Public commenting is open for changes to the Forest Service handbook concerning the operation of E-bikes. .

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