The ultimate source of offroad and 4x4 trails in Arizona

If you haven't seen the Arizona Backcountry Explorers Adventure Map, then you're missing out!

This map will blow your mind and provide you with endless 4x4 adventure destinations. You can view it and download it right from our website. 

400 4x4 trails and 1500 points of interest in Arizona 

I'm sure a lot of you have seen our adventure map. It's one of the biggest reasons folks visit our website. It's an amazing collection of offroad trails throughout Arizona, and all of them were recorded during our travels. Arizona is full of offroad adventure, and by tracking our every move, we have developed a collection that takes you to nearly every corner of the state. Whenever I hit the dirt, the GPS track starts recording, and we have always tried to find the best way to share them with you. 

Trail Canyon in Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument

First, it was the files tab in the Facebook group, then google drive with google maps to view the tracks and I thought that was awesome. But unfortunately, it was a lot of work for us to maintain and didn't work as planned. Then we tried Caltopo, and it was horrible. The map was unresponsive and nearly impossible to download. 

But now, it's a whole other ballgame. 

A whole new Arizona 4x4 adventure trail map

Arizona Backcountry Explorers Wordmark

Fooling around with GIS software for the last couple of years, I have figured out how to manipulate and build GPX files from scratch, and, in reality, this has been preparing me for this new map project all along. Using the software, I can add and remove attributes such as milage, max elevation, average speed, hyperlinks, HTML code, and other data to show in a dialog box when clicked. We can also use these attributes to style the tracks based on their values. 

Using ArcGIS, we can now provide online, interactive maps with real-time data paired with our GPS track and POI collection. This means our new Adventure The map shows current weather, current radar, current fire conditions, all updated every 15 minutes. Furthermore, ArcGIS offers an easy way to download the contents of the map on our ArcGIS profile. Therefore, we can direct you to our profile under a certain category to find the links. 

We do have our Adventure Map page here on the website. You can always find this map in the navigation menu at the top of the screen. But for your enjoyment, we will embed the map below, along with a link to the downloads. 

May you have a blessed weekend. Happy Trails! 


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