Blocked, censored, and silenced | Facebook is done

I think its safe to say that Facebook has had enough of our shit.

Coming up on the end of a 30-day ban for challenging the narrative on the California wildfires, Arizona Backcountry Explorers is considering other options. 

Facebook is where it all started.

We started this journey just a few years ago on Facebook, and, sadly, we have come to this. Facebook has repeatedly blocked us from posting on many occasions, and it's now time for us to figure out something else. In all honesty, we have an established platform right here. 

We encourage our followers to subscribe via email to ensure we can deliver information and keep in contact. We will never share your information with anyone or spam your email with unwanted messages.

Can anybody hear me?

You can now download our web application directly to your device. Simply select the menu option in your browser and select "add to home screen" then save the application to your phone.

Keep a lookout for push notifications for desktop and mobile devices. Soon we will be able to send messages directly to your notification panel whenever we post something new. 

You can also join our Patreon, where you will get access to exclusive content, a chance to join us on the trail, and many other benefits. Swing on over to our Patreon page and take a look!

You can engage in conversation right here on our website. Every post has a comment section at the bottom of the article, and we will soon have our own web forum/ social platform for folks to share their adventures.

No matter what, our website will continue to operate as usual.



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By: Kevin M. Allard

Kevin is a constitutional conservative and the founder of Arizona Backcountry Explorers. When he's not adventuring in the Arizona backcountry, he spends his time burning iron behind a welding hood. He is privileged to write for 4low Magazine, and some of his work is available in the Western Journal. Through these unique opportunities, he feels fully obligated to forwarn our community of the changes we face.



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