Adventure Trails

Everything you need to make your adventure a reality


Download pre-planned adventures

All Adventure Trail downloads include local points of interest as well as hospitals, auto parts stores, fuel stops, grocery stores, friendly contacts and any other information that may be helpful during your expedition.


Support the local community

While enjoying any of these Adventure Trails you have the opportunity to support Arizona's small communities and businesses. Local "mom-and-pop" shops, restaurants and gas stations are utilized along our trails to help generate a vital source of income for the community.


Discover the past

Along these routes, you will find abandoned ranches, lost and forgotten mining operations, livable cabins, beautiful canyons, rock formations and various other cool attractions on public lands. Furthermore, we have taken advantage of campsites capable of accommodating five or more vehicles with pre-made fire pits.


Pick your Arizona adventure trail

No matter where you're at in Arizona, chances are you can hop on one of our adventure trails near you. We are constantly searching out new adventure trails that will take you long distances across Arizona.

Months have been put into planning, preparing, researching, and mapping these routes. Our goal is to bring you the best adventure trails in Arizona. We want you to experience what the Arizona Backcountry is all about. Our trails connect many of Arizona's lakes, national forests, and towns. When combined, they create a spider web of long-distance, 4WD trails that cover the State of Arizona and span from border to border.

All of our adventure trails follow existing trails that were created far before us. Our routes are not copied or stolen from others. We actually travel these trails, map the route and visit the points of interest along the way. All routes you see here originated here. Our multi-day Adventure Trails will require 4WD and take you to some of Arizona's most isolated places.