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Forest Service TOPO download map

This map allows you to download USDA FS TOPO maps by the quadrangle. Zoom in and choose a quadrangle and download the referenced PDF or TIFF map from the pop-up

Forest order map

This map shows all current forest orders in effect. Select an area to view information about the forest order. You will find a description and links to documents in the pop-up.

USDA Forest Service Land Management Planning Map

This map shows National Forest lands and their Resource Management Planning status. Zoom in and select an area to see more info. Follow the link in the pop-up to see the Forest Service project website.

Open VS Closed roads on USFS National Forest land.

This map shows a comparison of both open and closed roads on National Forest land across the US. This is essentially a Motor Vehicle Use Map with an additional road closure overlay. Click the road to learn more information about the status of the road.  

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