Making an impact in the Arizona backcountry

We support and promote two Arizona based organizations that rely on volunteer efforts to achieve their goals. Our group members frequently attend functions related to these organizations. They play a vital role in maintaining our public lands. We support these organizations because they display proper appropriations of funds, support open access to our public lands, and promote safe and responsible recreation.

Natural Restorations

Natural Restorations is a highly active volunteer organization. They are dedicated to restoring Arizona's public lands and wilderness areas. With their Dedicated Restoration Team consisting of military veterans, Natural Restorations is capable of removing tons of trash. Likewise, grants from the Arizona OHV program have allowed them to remove hundreds of square feet of graffiti.

Working closely with the National Forest Service and Arizona Game And Fish; As of 2019, Natural Restorations has removed a total of 380 tons of trash from our public lands. As well as 28,018 square feet of graffiti on boulders and rocks.

Tonto Recreation Alliance

Tonto Recreation Alliance or TRAL, has been around for over 20 years. Their volunteers are active in all districts of the Tonto National Forest. TRAL volunteers participate in many different activities including trash cleanups. Additionally, Tonto Recreation Alliance maintains a network of OHV trails throughout the Tonto National Forest. They sign and number each trail, install informational kiosks and conduct trail maintenance.

With a proven track record, TRAL works closely with the Tonto National Forest to keep trails open to the public. While promoting the safe and responsible use of public lands, they also promote open access.