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Historical archives

National Archives Catalog is an online database of historical state and federal documents. Here you will find various things like maps and images.

Arizona Memory Project from the Arizona Library is a digital archive of historical documents about Arizona's past. It contains everything from old legislation and territorial maps to newspaper archives and photographs. It is the go-to place for anything "historical Arizona."

Arizona State Knowledge for digital microfilm archives.

State of Arizona Research Library to search various other databases like death records etc.

Mine and mineral information

Minedat for information on various mineral deposits threw out the world. Learn about minerals, symmetry symbols, and mineral evolution. 

USGS Mineral Resources Data System (MRDS) is an interactive topographical map that includes a detailed mineral deposits database throughout the world. This information includes land ownership status.

The Diggings is a free online resource for current, past, and potential mining activity on BLM public land.

Plant and wildlife information

US Department of Agriculture Plant Database for detailed information on plants throughout the US.

Encyclopedia of Life is a great source for information on all life types, from animals to bacteria. The information is contributed by members.

Catalog of Life for more information on Plants, animals, bacteria, etc.

Fish Base for information on all types of fish species.

National Geographic Animal Index for more detailed information on animals.

BirdLife International for information on birds.


Mapping tools

ArcGIS for various mapping software  

Backcountry Navigator is a highly recommended GPS program for Android devices.  

4x4 recovery

Arizona 4X4 Off Road Recovery LLC - Facebook  statewide 4x4 recovery Call Joe 24/7 (602) 697-8306

Fire restriction information is a great source for current fire restriction information in and throughout Arizona. Their website includes an interactive map that shows fire restriction boundaries. Each fire restriction includes detailed information about prohibited activities, boundaries, and other info.

Ultimately you should contact the land management agency to confirm.


American Mining Rights Association Fights to keep roads open for mining and recreation and other issues facing the mining community.

Natural Restorations works with the National Forest Service to clean up our forests.

Tonto Recreation Alliance (TRAL) helps promote open access to the Tonto Forest. Additionally, TRAL helps maintain a network of 4x4 trails, and they also host trash cleanups.

Cell phone towers will show cell phone towers on a map. Pick your carrier, choose your network, and find the towers approximate location.

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