Arizona’s Motorized Access Watchdog

Arizona Backcountry Explorers is a media company dedicated to engaging the public in National Environmental Policy Act procedures that threaten the use of roads on Federal Lands.

This map only contains projects for 2021 and 2022. This map does not include 15,000 additional miles that are scheduled for 2023 and 2024.

Arizona Backcountry Explorers works every day to keep these roads open.

Visit our new website at to keep up to date with current land use issues in Arizona.

Please join us and help keep our backroads open to the public!

A dark age is upon us.

The time to awaken is now.

The New World Order has fast tracked its quest for total world domination through a scientific and technocratic dictatorship that aims to control and pervert every aspect of life including nature, biology, tradition, culture, religion, and information. Total land use control is a fundamental part of controlling people and a prerequisite to the New World Order agenda.

America’s enemies are working to seize control of the means of production on public lands and monopolize water, timber, minerals, shut down every individual who doesn’t shill for the globalist agenda.