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AZBCE is an online adventure website dedicated to promoting motorized recreation and engaging our community in policy decisions that threaten motorized access. Founded in 2018 by aspiring writer and photographer Kevin M. Allard, AZBCE has become a voice for the local 4x4 community and an important source of information concerning land use issues. ...

A voice for motorized recreation

When nobody else is talking about it, AZBCE is. We believe it's important our community engage in policy decisions that threaten motorized access to our public lands. As independent journalists, we publish material through various online and print publications to create awareness about the radical environmental policy facing outdoor recreation.

AZBCE has successfully engaged our community in policy-making decisions that threaten motorized recreation in Arizona. Our website is responsible for passing information over 250,000 times, and over 2,700 websites link to informational writings on the website. AZBCE website has generated over 15,000 comments on land-use proposals on both the Bureau of Land Management and the USDA Forest Service lands.

Kevin M. Allard

Kevin is a constitutional conservative and the founder of Arizona Backcountry Explorers. When he's not adventuring in the Arizona backcountry, he spends his time burning iron behind a welding hood. He is privileged to write for 4low Magazine, and some of his work is available in the Western Journalism Foundation. Through these unique opportunities, he feels fully obligated to forwarn our community of the changes we face.


Kevin Allard

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Once in a lifetime adventures

Using GIS data and advanced mapping software, we plan and take on the most memorable adventures across the western United States. From the borderlands south of Tuscon, Arizona, to northern Montana's glacier mountains, we create adventures you will never forget.

Our fans can download our GPS tracks and follow our routes. Our adventure map contains over 400-day long overland routes and over 1500 points of interest. It is the ultimate source for 4x4 adventure in Arizona. Our goal is to establish our backroads as a viable economic resource for rural Arizona. Our routes use existing roads and the most challenging trails to connect small towns across the state...

Capturing every memory through the lense of a camera.

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True American patriots

We believe in the western way of life and the founding principles of this great place we call home. We are advocates of limited government, states rights, the US Constitution, and opponents of socialism.

American Freedom

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We invite you to join us on our digital adventures as we hunt for the long lost remains of the pioneer days.

The ultimate source of offroad and 4x4 trails in Arizona

If you haven't seen the Arizona Backcountry Explorers Adventure Map, then you're missing out!

This map will blow your mind and provide you with endless 4x4 adventure destinations. You can view it and download it right from our website. 

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Circling the four corners | Arizona Utah Colorado and New Mexico

The long-awaited adventure around the four corners 

The everlasting desire to see something new and experience life from a different perspective will drive us towards more and more adventure. Our time in the backcountry, no matter where we are gives us a chance to escape the pressure of daily life. Despite the negativity in the world today, we find ourselves escaping to our own dimension—a world where only nature judges and deep canyons keep you imprisoned. The journey isn't only an adventure. It's a time of kinship and camaraderie with a small group of friends.

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